Inter vertebral discs are positioned between the vertebrae in the spine. They Serve the crucial role maintaining the weight bearing joint space needed for a healthy life. The outside of a disc is made from cartilage, and in the center is a jelly like solution. These discs serve many purposes, including allowing movement of the spine, creating space between the vertebrae, and acting as shock absorbers. The gelatinous middle allows the disc to compress and expand based on impact and movement. Trauma to the spine can cause the discs to become dehydrated and or weakened discs that fall in the is category can be categorized as herniated, bulged, displaced (slipped disc), or even ruptured.

Trauma or direct injury to the area is one cause, but most discs dehydrate and weaken from daily pressure from sitting, and of course from the aging process itself. Disc conditions put pressure on the nerves of the spine and cause pain.

If you suffer from any of these symptoms we can help. As we have multiple solutions for the various degrees of disc pressure. Surgery is risky, expensive, and requires recovery time. In many cases, you can experience relief from these conditions through chiropractic care. By properly aligning the spine, pressure can be relieved on nerves and on the discs themselves. This will reduce and hopefully eliminate your pain and discomfort and allow you to live a normal active lifestyle.

After a thoughtful consultation we examine your spine to determine the best course of action. Always taking into account your experience with Specific Chiropractic, Massage, Laser Care and Active Release Stretching so you heal in a fast and effective way that creates ease for you. Disc pain is treated in our clinic like most conditions with an eye on your specific history and physical condition and the utilization of our unique combination of Specific Chiropractic, Massage, Laser Care and Active Release Stretching that serves your unique case the best.

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