Are you Looking to Relieve Shoulder Pain ?

If so, take us up on our offer for our Non Invasive Treatment Approach

Are you faced with chronic or acute shoulder pain and tightness that is not easily resolved ? Far too often clients can be faced with treatment recommendations that are aggressive and ineffective. Whether you have been diagnosed with a shoulder problem that came with an invasive treatment recommendation or you have a symptom pattern that is yet to be diagnosed.

We have a solution that can save you time, money and pain.

Our system creates relief for the following diagnosis and or symptom patterns.

➔ General Shoulder Pain and Tension
➔ Frozen Shoulder
➔ Shoulder Impingement
➔ Rotator Cuff Tendonitis
➔ Cervical radiating pains
➔ Replacement/Surgery Recovery

Our Non Invasive treatments are customized to your shoulder pain and can include any of the following forms of treatment.

❖ Hot and Cold Laser Therapies
❖ Specific Chiropractic Technique
❖ Active Release Rotator Massage
❖ Percussive Therapy

Your shoulder pain is Unique and specific

Your shoulder condition will be evaluated thoroughly to ensure that our protocols are for you. Once that is determined we will set a short term treatment plan for your shoulder followed by a reevaluation to critique the progress and make any needed changes.

Basic Protocol Intake
Review of History
Cervical Spine
Rotator Cuff (ortho)
Range of Motion
Strength Tests

Basic Protocol Plan
12 treatments
80 usually value 138.00

Basic Protocol Treatment 30 minutes (example)
7 Percussive therapy
7 Massage
7 Laser
7 Chiro