Whiplash has always been a big staple of the injuries we treat successfully here at Active Life Chiropractic of Walnut Creek.

Whiplash is a commonly associated with people involved in car collisions. You can also get whiplash in sports competition and in other traumas. Auto accidents are on the rise as we live in increasingly more congested traffic areas. When a car is struck from behind or collides with another object, it causes the neck to snap back and forth violently. This causes the muscles and ligaments to overextend, leading to strains and/or tears. This is referred to as soft tissue damage, and can cause stiffness and soreness. Whiplash can also cause structural damage such as misaligned vertebrae, herniated, bulging or ruptured discs, or nerve damage due to over-extension from the violent movement.

We can help with all types of whiplash injuries and support you through the healing process.

We care for whiplash related injuries by handling the 4 cornerstones of healing:

  • Early mobilization
  • Decrease scare tissue development
  • Strengthen
  • Restore Cervical Curvature

You can only heal completely if your body and spine are open. Over 66 % of Whiplash victims that do not get proper care end up with long term issues. Specific Chiropractic adjustments and alignments support the first step of care by making sure you are open throughout the healing process. When the pressure on the discs and nerves is released, the spine is returned to its proper alignment and mobility. Laser care is a great supportive treatment option for both limiting scar tissue and the pain relief needed in the second stage of care. Chiropractic massage can also be used to help relieve the pain and discomfort in the initial soft tissue injuries.

After a thoughtful consultation we examine your neck and back to determine the best course of action. We always take into account your experience with Specific Chiropractic, Massage, Laser Care and Active Release Stretching so you heal in a fast and effective way. Whiplash is treated in our clinic with an eye on your specific history and physical condition and the utilization of our unique combination of, Massage, Laser Care and Active Release Stretching that serves your unique case the best.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (925) 939-2224.