Dr. Scott Threde

Dr. J. Scott Threde DC began his journey as a Chiropractor after experiencing first-hand the healing benefits of Chiropractic care. As a Walnut Creek native, Dr. Scott’s love for athletics and adventure drove him to pursue a college football career, among many other forms of health and fitness. Having regular Chiropractic care allowed him to perform at his optimum potential, and inspired him to give the gift of healing to all of his patients.

Dr. Scott is a leading specialist, with over 25 years in Chiropractic Neuromuscular Reeducation (CNR). CNR care is directed at clearing the patterns of chronic or inflamed pain and tension in the body that arise from the daily forces of stress, fatigue, gravity.

As an expert on concussion and headache care, Dr. Threde has both spoken and written extensively on the benefits of Chiropractic for head and neck health, headaches, and neck pain. He is also a certified Sports Chiropractor and Laser Specialist focused on providing fast and thorough healing of acute and athletic injuries; including but not limited to sports injuries and whiplash recovery.

Dr. Scott Threde is clinically skilled with pregnancy care, infant and child care, as well as geriatric care. His extensive education, thirst for knowledge, and ability to pinpoint the source of pain for each unique individual has allowed him to become a leader in his field.

Dr. Threde with MMA athlete/legend Nate Diaz