Specific Chiropractic increases your bodies capacity to heal, and adapt to stress, fatigue and gravity.

The intention of Specific Chiropractic care focuses on improving the alignment, motion and function of vertebral joints. This in turn frees the nerves the spine houses. This specific process reconditions the spine and nervous system to adapt to stress, fatigue and gravity, creating an optimal environment for healing.

Specifically conditioning vertebral joints of the spine at points of tension also halts the cumulative effects that include pinched nerves, tight muscles and chronic pain.

The typical aging sequence of de-conditioned spinal joints includes periodic patterns of reoccurring and similar symptoms. The patterns will produce neurological reactions indefinitely until the spinal joints are reconditioned specifically. These patterns lead to arthritis, chronic pain and eventually create the limitations of aging.

A common example is the lower reoccurring pain and tension a person feels in their thirties and forties becomes their predictable disability in their sixties and seventies and can even lead to a surgery of de-conditioned joints.

Once Specific Chiropractic care reconditions the spine to handle stress, fatigue and gravity the nervous system can function at 100% again and with that heal the body.

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