Sports massage is designed for athletes of all types and levels! At Active Life Chiropractic, we treat professional athletes to weekend warriors alike. We take into consideration your level and type of activity before deciding on which areas of the body to focus. No matter what sports you enjoy, a sports massage can help your muscles heal faster so you can continue to enjoy what you do.

Not only does sports massage help your body repair itself faster, but it can also even help prevent or reduce the severity of injuries. This means you can operate at your maximum performance while reducing muscle and joint pain and stiffness. Sports massage has been shown to promote flexibility, reduce fatigue, enhance endurance, in addition to preventing injuries.

We offer four main types of sports massages, each with their own benefits:

1. Pre-event – vigorous and stimulating Swedish massage, boosts circulation and revs up energy levels
2. Post-event – designed to help athletes wind down by targeting sore muscles to prevent stiffness the next day
3. Restorative – provided during training sessions to help athletes maintain peak performance by keeping the muscles warmed and reducing the risk of injury
4. Rehabilitative – designed to treat sports-related injuries and promote faster recovery, targets trouble-spots to increase circulation and protects range of motion

If you would like to know more about sports massage or would like to schedule an appointment, call our office today at (925) 939-2224!